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Newfoundland Show Dog

Holistic Newfoundland

Raising Newfoundlands that meet the standard of the breed both physically, emotionally and mentally are the foundation blocks to the Annisquam Light Newfoundlands breeding program. To highlight the dedication we have made to our line of Newfoundlands, Annisquam Light dogs are regularly seen competing in AKC and CKC conformation shows.

Obtaining the title of Champion bestowed on a Newfoundland meeting the breed standard, is a great accomplishment for any breeder and owner. These shows give us the opportunity to evaluate our Newfoundland lines as well as those of other Newfoundland breeders. Ultimately the show ring showcases some of the Country's most outstanding representatives of the Newfoundland breed.

We strive to be part of that elusive group by producing top quality Newfoundlands and receiving the AKC award of Champion.