Holistic Newfoundland Owners love their Newfies


Annisquam Light Newfoundlands' Vasco

Here is Henry in one if his favorite places, snuggled up close in the couch! Henry is the most devoted newf we've ever owned, lying at our feet at the kitchen sink or at the computer.



Annisquam Light Newfoundlands' Simon

I can't begin to describe the impact Simon has had on our lives! He is an amazing and beautiful addition to our family! He has taught us so much about unconditional love, loyalty and commitment. We can't imagine our lives without him!

Anastasia and MacGregor


Annisquam Light Newfoundland's MacGregor

A dear friend and fellow Newfie owner gave me a sign that says " Love is being owned by a Newfoundland." This is how our family feels about MacGregor. He is very smart, very sweet and very loving. Everything is his favorite thing! The first 8 weeks of his life he was surrounded by love and caring with you. Then he came to us and brought us such joy..still does...every single day! Thank you for the gift of MacGregor who is such a wonderful member of our family!

Marilyn, Paul, Mara and all of our family